Classes for School Year 2021

Junior Infants Room 9 Ms Donaghy

Junior Infants Room 10 Ms Whitfield

Junior Infants Room 11 Ms Bambrick

Senior Infants Room 1 Ms Ni Loinsigh ( Ms OHora’s class)

Senior Infants Room 2 Ms Courtney (Own class)

Senior Infants Room 3 Ms Cole (Ms Donaghy’s class)

First Class Rm 13 Ms Greene/Ms O’Reilly (Ms Babricks’s class)

First Class Rm 14 Ms Walsh (Ms Tuohy’s class)

First Class Rm 15 Ms Murtagh (M Greene/Ms O’Reilly’s class)

First Class Rm 16 Ms McEleney (Ms Dempsey’s class)

Second Class Rm 5 Mr Doran (Own class)

Second Class Rm 6 Ms Casey (Ms Walsh’s class)

Second Class Rm 7 Ms Bolger (Own class)

Second Class Rm 8 Ms Carter/Ms Corrigan ( Ms Casey’s class)

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