Covid Update

Dear parents. Thanks for all your cooperation with Covid guidelines.
If your child is showing any symptoms they must remain at home. If your child is asymptomatic but you have been informed that there is a case in their class, I suggest carrying out an antigen test as a precaution (this has been the case for a number of positive cases and thank you to the parents involved for taking the precaution).

If your child has not been told by the HSE that they are a close contact, it is usually OK to send them to school or childcare if they:

1. do not have a high temperature (38 degrees Celsius or over)
2. are not taking any form of paracetamol or ibuprofen that could hide a high temperature
3. do not have a new cough
4. do not live with anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19
5. were told by a GP that it’s OK to go back to school or childcare after being unwell
6. got a negative COVID-19 test result and have not had any new symptoms for 48 hours
7. have not had diarrhoea for 48 hours
are tested regularly because they are in a vulnerable group

From Monday, November 29th:

Where two or more confirmed cases of COVID-19 occur in a class, within a seven-day period, outside of a single pod, antigen testing will be offered to the full class.

The tests will be sent to the children’s parents by the HSE.

Parents/guardians of a primary school child, who has been confirmed as having COVID-19 following a PCR test, are asked to inform the principal. The principal will then inform the parents of other children in the pod of a confirmed case. No personal details of the child will be shared. These parents will be provided with the option to receive free antigen tests for their child, which they will be able to order for delivery to their home.

There are many children and staff who are living with vulnerable family members. It is only if the whole school community work together and take precautions that we can keep each other safe. Please take every precaution available to you to keep your family and the school community safe.

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