School Tours Update

Dear parents,

It is great that we are going back to having school trips after Covid. In light of this we have updated our guidelines in relation to parents helping out on school tours. This is in accordance with  guidance from circular (0031/2016) from the Department for Education and Skills which is available at the following link ;

Any person who is helping on the school tour requires Garda Vetting. If you plan to help on the school tour please call to the office complete the attached Garda Vetting Form & Garda Vetting Invitation Form.

I would appeal to you to consider putting yourself forward for this as we really depend on our pool of vetted volunteers to help with school tours. There may be no specific reason right now to have been vetted, but, you may be happy to go on a school tour later in the year. The vetting process takes a few weeks so it would be best to have gone through it and so be ‘ready to go’.

Thank you

Margaret Hughes


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