Active Home week

This week in April is usually Active School week, but as we can’t do it in schools this year, we’re doing Active HOME week! We have posted some activities and videos below and on the school Facebook parents group that the children can do to keep active.

It would be great to see the children trying out these activities and keeping active! Please feel free to send photos of the children being active to their teachers email address.

This document below should explain more about Active Home Week, the children can learn a new skill like skipping, bouncing a ball or improve on a skill they already have like catching a ball, doing a yoga pose etc.


Click on one of these videos below and join in to start your Active week activity!

PE with Joe: 








Dancing and Singing







There is also more information and videos on other active skills (throwing, balancing, catching) if you just click below.

Keep safe and keep active!



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