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Changemaker Update from Our Lady Immaculate Junior National School

We have been really busy Changemakers at Our Lady Immaculate JNS this term.

On Wednesday 24th May we hosted a visit from teachers form Sicily and Reunion Island. They were very interested to hear about our Changemaker work at the school. They enjoyed a Changemaker presentation and class demonstrations about our Write to Read and Play to Learn projects.

We also hosted some teachers from Cambodia as part of the Pepys project. They demonstrated a wonderful traditional dance from Cambodia and really enjoyed learning about our school.

Our Autism Awareness week (4th – 8th April) was a great opportunity for our children to develop their empathy skills. The children took part in Sensory Exploration stations run by our parents and we all enjoyed having a no uniform day where we wore the colours of the rainbow to represent the colours of the autism spectrum!

Our Lady Immaculate JNS is one of 15 Irish primary Changemaker Schools in the DCU Changemaker Schools Network.

The DCU Changemaker Schools Network is a community of practice and focussed on sharing best practice in the areas of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. 
Schools in the network frame their work within changemaking leadership practices focussed the development of empathy, creativity, leadership and teamwork with their students.
All students are encouraged to identify as Changemakers. Schools support the vision and mission of the DCU Institute of Education; to transform the education system for the better. 
If you would like to find out more please follow us on twitter @DCUCMS and our website will be coming shortly

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