Happy Christmas

Dear parents.We would like to wish all our families a really happy and peaceful Christmas. It has been a busy few weeks at Our Lady Immaculate Junior School! We have had a visit from Santa which everyone enjoyed. The children also made some beautiful Christmas art work which is up in the Church. Call over and see it over the 12 days of Christmas. The children were also brilliant in their Christmas shows this year. Well done to all.

Thanks very much for all the cooperation with the Covid guidelines. We look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year.

Changemaker School – Teamwork and Creativity

Our Lady Immaculate Junior National School is a Changemaker School. The four pillars upon which a Changemaker School are built are Empathy, Creativity, Leadership and Teamwork.

The children of Our Lady Immaculate have been busy this term being creative and working as a team!

For Hallowe’en each class worked as a team to create a class pumpkin which were so creative and imaginative. Well done to all.

For science week each child got the opportunity to carry out an experiment at home. The children had great fun launching rockets . Young scientists in the making!!

Maths Week Monday 12th -16th October 2020

Maths Week in Scoil Oilibhéir - Scoil Oilibheir

This week is Maths week at school. The children will be taking part in Maths trails and answering riddles! Click here for some daily activities that help with learning Maths at home.

Puzzles will be posted every afternoon this Week!

Monday: Puzzle 1

How many lollipops in jar? Comment below to answer or text answer to 085-8365475.

Tuesday: Puzzle 2

How many squares in the picture? Comment below to answer or text answer to 085-8365475.

Wednesday: Puzzle 3

How many eggs left? Comment below to answer or text answer to 085-8365475.

Thursday: Puzzle 4

How many circles are in the picture. Write your child’s answer in the comments below or text it to 085-8365475.

How to change the lunch menu

You will need an email address and the access code to change your child’s lunch menu. Please type into google:


Once you have registered you can log in and you will see the snack/ lunch selection. Just let your child choose what they would like and it will be changed for the following week. Please ring the school if you need any help and ask for Margaret. Phone 018476643

Thank you.


Letter to schools



Dear parents,

Thanks for all your cooperation this week. The new routines are going well and the children have been fantastic – washing their hands and following the new procedures. Please click here to read a letter from the Acting Chief Medical Officer to parents and guardians of school children.

Letter Click Here

Thanks again for all your support at this time. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school on 01-8476643 and email   ddalejnr@eircom.net

Open Letter ACMO to Parents English (1)

Return to School Tuesday 1st September

We look forward to welcoming your child back to school on Tuesday 1st September. There will be a considerable number of people at the entrance and exit of the school and we advise adults to wear face masks. Visits to the school during the school day should be by prior arrangement. If you do not have a prior arrangement, please do not enter the school building. Please contact reception at 01-8476643 and email : ddalejnr@eircom.net

Here is a reminder of the opening times on Tuesday. Please come at the appointed time. Only one person to accompany your child. Please leave promptly as your child joins their line.

Junior Infants : 9.30 -11.30 am entry and exit by the gate near the church. (Parents can enter classroom on first two days)

Senior Infants: 8.40 – 1.20 pm  entry and exit by the gate near the prefabs.

First class: 8.40 – 1.20 pm entry and exit by the gate near the church.

Second class: 9.00 am – 2.20 pm entry and exit near the prefabs.

See photo  where your child will line up on socially distanced foot prints. Please bear with us as your child learns the new routines. Thank you for your co-operation.

Advice for Parents for school opening


Dear parents,

The department of Education has prepared some videos to help prepare for the return to school.

There is also information below on recognising symptoms of the Coronavirus.

We have missed the children and look forward to welcoming them back to school.


• Here is a link to a video for bank to school advice for Junior Infants to second class

• Click here for information on Government advice on recognising symptoms.


• Click here for bank to school advice for parents.


School opening September 1st 2020

Dear parents,

Preparations are well underway at OLI JNS for a safe return for pupils and staff. The school is undergoing a deep clean over the past few weeks.Hand sanitizers have been installed and we are updating our policies and procedures for the safe return.

Guidelines for the safe re-opening of Our Lady Immaculate JNS in September 2020


Our Lady Immaculate is a junior school with approximately 210 pupils. At the time of drop off in the morning we can have over 400 people, between adults and children on the premises. This constitutes a large gathering. In order to comply with the regulations and to keep the school community safe we will be implementing some temporary measures which are outlined below.


We will stagger the morning admission times .  Please do not arrive to the school yard before your time.


Junior Infants:  Opening Times 9.30 -11.30  Week 1

Morning admission time 9.30 

First two days

Teachers and Principal will come to the yard. (Room numbers will be marked )

Five children and their parents will be admitted at a time to each class. 

Day 3 and 4

Teachers will collect the lines from the yard and no parent will be admitted. 

Week 2 and 3   

Admission  9.00 am

Collection 11.30 am

Week 4 

Admission  9.00am

Collection 1 .20 pm 

Collection Time: For the first three weeks the children will be collected at 11.30

Week 4 onwards  the times will be 9am until 1.20pm

Parents are advised not to arrive too early to prevent gatherings on the yard.


Senior Infants:

Morning Time: 8.40am  

Senior Infants  will line in the yard on their number and the teachers will collect them one class at a time.

Collection Time: 1.20pm

The classes will exit from the door near the prefabs. They will be collected from their lines.

Parents are advised not to arrive too early to prevent gatherings on the yard.

First Class:

Morning Time. 8.40am

First class will be admitted at 8.40 am. The children will line up at their class markings. They will line up at the door near the church .

Teachers will collect them from the yard.

Collection Time: 1.20pm for the first three weeks of September and 2.20pm after this.

The children will be collected at the same entrance near to the church from their lines.


Second Class

Morning Time. 9.00am

Second class will be admitted at 9am. Teachers will collect their class from the yard.

Collection Time: 2.20pm

The children will be collected at the same exit near the parents room

A note for parents when dropping and collecting their children.

  • Children will be dropped and collected in the school yard
  • Please observe social distancing in the yard. This is two meters for all adults.
  • When dropping and collecting your child only one parent is allowed on the premises.
  • Parents are  asked to leave the school yard  as soon as possible  after dropping and collecting
  • Parents are advised not to arrive too early to avoid gatherings on the yard.
  • Advice for all parents
  • Please do not send your child to school if they show any symptoms of a virus. (fever, cough,see HSE guidelines) https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/coronavirus/if-your-child-has-symptoms.html
  • If your child needed calpol/nurofen to reduce a temperature during the night then they should not attend.
  • If your child is a close contact of a Covid positive person they should not attend school.
  • If your child has travelled abroad in the past 14 days they should not attend school.
  • Any child who becomes sick during the day will be isolated in our sick bay and parents will be contacted immediately to collect them.
  • Parents must wear a face mask if they have to enter the school building.
  • In order to minimise the number of people entering the school please phone/email the office if you have any issue to discuss and arrange an appointment.
  • There will be no homework for the month of September. 
  • Each class is considered a Bubble to ensure safety. A Larger Bubble of 3-4-classes at each level will operate for yard times. 
  • Break and yard times will be staggered so that numbers at play are reduced.  
  • The school will provide lunch for children. No need for lunch boxes.
  • All children will have their own pencils and crayons which will be provided by the school.
  • Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school .
  • All children will wash or sanitise  their hands as soon as they come in.
  • All children will wash their hands or sanitise after playtime and regularly during the day.
  • An enhanced cleaning programme will be in place in the school  according to DES guidelines. 
  • Children with Special Educational Needs  may be supported  by a SET teacher assigned to their class level.( Larger Bubble)
  • School email: ddalejnr@eircom.net  

Phone: 01-8476643

School reopening

Dear parents. Please be reassured that the school will reopen on the first of September. We will send you updated information closer to the time. We may have staggered opening times but we will advise you of these. If you do travel abroad please follow Government guidelines regarding quarantine. Here is a letter that the Minister of Education has sent to all parents. Just click on the sentence letter to Parents. Thanks very much for all your cooperation.

Margaret Hughes


5. To Parents – Letter from Minister Foley